African Road Tracks Part 2 - Destiny

by Daniel Santos Diébaté

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This is the second part of the African Road Tracks album. This is mostly about my musical collaboration with Babou Diébaté. This is the music that led me to become part of the Diébaté family and have the permission to receive traditional griot teachings.

Griots are paradoxical people, revered by many and feared by more. They are said to wield the mystical powers of words and music. They have been counselors to kings, mediators and peace keepers. It is said that their words can "open all the doors". The word griot comes from "blood", They are the protectors of the blood, the families, lineages, ancestors.

Their profound role... is reconciliation.

This second part is more experimental in nature, mixing contemporary african, soundscapes, sound processing, harp-guitar and guitar. There are no traditional songs except one.


released June 10, 2014

Guitar, harp-guitar: Daniel Santos Diébaté
Soundscapes and sound processing: Daniel Santos Diébaté
Kora and tobacco voice: Babou Diébaté
* Artwork by Madouba

Others include:
Calimba and Balafon: Gabé
Gongoma: Alassane Camera
Riti: Djibril Ba



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